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Soap By The Slice

Our Cold Process soaps are made with organic coconut milk and mango butter! The combination of ingredients yields a very creamy, skin nourishing, and hard bar of soap! You can expect a regular bar to last a while if stored properly! 


Always store your soaps in a dry, well ventilated area after use. Soap dishes that allow for complete drainage are best. The drier you store your soaps, the longer they will last you! We offer a wonderful soap saver (fits any size soap dish or use on its own) that keeps your soap from becoming mushy and allows for a better and quicker dry time.

No product on this site is intended to treat or cure medical conditions. Ivory Shores is not responsible for damages or injury to skin/body or fabric as a result of using these products. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If irritations continues, seek medical assistance and consult your physician. Use caution in the shower as oils can cause slippery tubs! By buying any product you agree to the term & conditions which include the aforementioned cautions.